Make a statement

With so many different styles to choose from, getting the right look can be difficult. tiling forms a large part of a bathroom, wet room kitchen or floors so getting it right can make all the difference. We have tiled everything from rows and rows of four inch glazed tiles to exotic walls of granite.

We can help with levelling uneven floors, tiling over under floor heating and preparing uneven walls.

Regimental rows of rectangular tiles can sometimes look bland and unappealing. Just by laying them at 45 degrees to create diamonds, or staggering them to form a brick pattern can make such a difference. Other options such as herring bone, decorative inserts, mixing a few smaller tiles in amongst larger tiles, using smaller tiles to create boarders can all make your room look original.

Meeting your budget.

Everyone has a cost of the project in mind. We will provide advise on how to get the most from your money and stay in budget. If your budget is tight there are ways to cut your cloth and still get a great look.

Many people want natural stone tiles, however many manufactures have very effective ceramic versions that look virtually like the real thing. So don’t be scared to dream big, there is always a way.

Contact us for a home visit and we will discuss the options and help you with the design process.


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