Commercial Customers


Great look, first time, on time.

Whether you own a small retail outlet, office block, hotel or guest house we would like to hear from you. A good first impression of your business is crucial to your success, and your brand colour schemes can be subtly added to your key areas. Many commercial customers are now asking for striking feature walls to draw the customers eye to specific areas of your premises….and it works!

We understand that a delay in opening your retail outlet, hotel room, or office and cost you revenue. Therefore we can work out of normal working hours to ensure that the work is completed within the specified deadline. 

There’s no business, like Repeat Business

Having worked with commercial clients for many years, we know the value of repeat business, and pride ourselves on not only provide a great service but great customer care.

If after the first project we complete for you meets with your exacting standards and would like us to become your regular decorator we can give you benefits such as; priority servicing and excellent account terms.

Call Neil now to arrange a site visit on 07980 674 681 or complete the enquiry form on the Contact Us page.

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