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Time to Decorate

Just moved into a new home that you want to put your mark on it, or an older property that needs some TLC?  Maybe your old decoration is looking tired and dated, well now is the time to act.  Many couples are too busy with careers or bringing up the family and your poor home suffers. We’re human too and fully understand.

Here’s a typical scenario:

You’re probably thinking of getting a professional in? ‘But wouldn’t it be cheaper if we do it ourselves?’

Well yeah you could do it yourself, but you will probably need more than a weekend to do it. However you start it anyway and things don’t go quite to plan.

Then the following weekend you’ve your mother wants to see you, or your child’s play is on and you have to attend, but wait, What about the half finished room? ‘Ah we’ll just do it the weekend after’, and so it goes on….

Sound familiar?

By calling in a professional Decorator the initial cost is higher than DIY, however it leaves you to do the things you love, not a chore that screams at you every time you walk into that room. We know all the pitfalls, we know the speedy decoration tricks, and we’ve all the correct equipment to do the job properly.

Call in the Professionals

The majority of our work comes from word of mouth from people like you,  happy customers that we have helped time and time again.

We’re local, based in Weston-Super Mare and cover Bristol and the North Somerset areas so we are able to visit you at your home to discuss your project within no time at all.

We will listen to your ideas and even provide you with some free design advise if you want. You might as well take advantage of our expertise. Then once we’re sure your happy, we’ll provide you with a detailed quotation within a few days. Now all that was Free, Nada, Zip, Zero!

Call Neil now on 07980 674 681 or contact us using the enquiry form on our Contact Us page and book a home visit. We’ll make time for you.

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