Interior & Exterior Painting


Interior Paintwork.

The design stage.

You have probably spent some time discussing the new look of the rooms you want decorated and are happy to go with your gut instinct. However some people are not so confident with colour or knowledgeable with paint finishes. We’re not qualified interior designers, but we’ve been in the trade long enough to know the pitfalls and classic mistakes some customers make. So it’s common sense to utilize the product knowledge and experience we have gained over the years. Before you commit to anything regarding the design of the project, ask us for our help, it’s free and we will guide you through the design process. To start with check out our design articles under the Helpful Info tab on this site.

Bang Tidy!

Your home or business will be treated with the utmost respect. When carrying out renovation work, as a matter of course, all venerable surfaces are sheeted and taped before any decoration begins. All paints and corrosive materials are mixed outside or in an agreed area, so you can be rest assured there will be no unnecessary accidents will occur. Then throughout the project we will do our best to keep the working areas tidy,  with all debris being taken off site and disposed of.

Preparation is the key to a great looking finish.

We take great care in ensuring all surfaces are prepared to a industry standard to provide the best key possible for the finish coats.

Quality materials.

Any paint materials that we have quoted for will be of a high quality and from one of our recommended manufacturers. That way we can keep a uniform level of quality throughout the project, have the greatest number of finish options, and ensure that there is no problem with availability if more is required.

The finish coats.

As the transformation begins and colour starts to appear you will see that all are hard work will be worth it. We apply the appropriate number of coats to give a deep solid look. Strong colours against light shades will have crisp and clean lines. Doors will be rollered and lightly brushed to give a smooth finish.

The Clean up.

Once the work is complete the working areas will be cleared of any debris, sheets will be taken away, and the rooms will be vacuumed ready for you to relax and enjoy your newly decorated rooms.

Exterior Paintwork.

Types of external paintwork we do.

Depending on the type of work requested such as;

  • Painting existing smooth render.
  • Painting Roughcast or Pebbledash.
  • Painting metal cladding.
  • Paining brick or stone.
  • Painting exterior woodwork. (see the Timber Care page)

will determine the type of paint application, such as;

  • Roller painting.
  • Brushed painting.
  • Spraying.
Access requirements.

In the majority of cases works can be carried out from a ladder, however in some cases access equipment such as mobile tower scaffolds or conventional scaffolding will be required. Although we can provide advise of where we need the access to cover during the initial survey, arrangement and payment of the access would be the customers responsibility prior to our arrival on site. If you are concerned that you would not be able to source a suitable scaffolding company we would be more than happy to provide a number of contact numbers.

Clean as a Whistle.

Before any work starts all the external surfaces below the scaffolding and/or other working areas will be protected as far as reasonably possible.


For new and untreated render a rough brushing is all that is required unless we deem it necessary to apply a stabilizing solution to it prior to painting. New metal cladding will be primed prior to final coats. However if the project is to refurbish an existing painted surface to render or pebble dash for example,  then additional work is required, for instance: The surfaces will firstly be treated with a sprayed fungicidal wash. This will be left to kill any mold growing on the surface of the render. The surface will then be jet washed and brushed to remove any detritus, loose and flaking paint. We will make repairs to damaged render and fill cracks with a mortar or paintable external grade mastic. A stabilizing solution will then be sprayed on to seal the prepared surface.

Top coating.

Once the surfaces are prepared and dry we will apply a suitable number of coats to create a long lasting solid looking finish, using quality products suitable for the application.

The Clean up

Following completion of works, all debris will be taken off site, and if scaffolding was used we will advise you to contact the scaffolding company to disassemble the access equipment.

The good old British Weather

As you well know our weather is extremely unpredictable, and as external decoration is weather dependant we can only apply paint on dry days. Therefore any agreed completion dates are subject to the weather conditions.


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