Picture & Dado Rails


Timber mouldings

The majority of Victorian and early 20th century homes in the UK have generously sized rooms with high ceilings generally between nine and fourteen foot high. If you are looking at paint colours for the walls at the darker end of the colour charts then in these large rooms that can be quite overpowering. Many Victorian homes have had the character ripped out of them over the decades, but the removal of picture and dado rails was a tragedy.



Not only are they a wonderful architectural features, they also help break up large areas of wall. A dado rail will allow you to play with different colours, patterns and textures on the same wall. A smaller room with high ceilings can have a claustrophobic feel about it as the height is greater than the room width or length dimensions. With the installation of a picture rail and following the ceiling white down to the top of the picture rail, you get the impression of a lower ceiling and making the dimensions of the room more pleasing to the eye.

In addition to the architectural benefits, dado rails if fitted at the correct height can protect your wall coverings from scuff and tares caused by the use furniture such as chairs that are placed close to the wall. Hanging your artwork, photo frames etc from a picture rail via picture hangers with save having to drill unsightly holes in your plasterwork.


Although installation is pretty straight forward, it is critical that the mouldings are exactly level all around the room. Any discrepancy on a long wall will be instantly noticeable. Ideally it best to install them during a redecoration project once the old wall paper has been removed, or the painted plaster is being redecorated.


Generally they are screwed or pinned into place, however if the wall has been damp proofed then they can be adhered to the wall. In this case we would not suggest hanging heavy paintings from the adhered picture rail. There are many different styles of timber mouldings to choose from, but whichever one you choose, the overall effect once complete can look stunning.


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