Kingsweston School

Brief: To decorate two existing classrooms and two new anterooms within a tight timescale during the half term closure.

The walls of the existing large class rooms needed a lot of attention as fixings and trunking had been removed from the walls leaving a large amount of holes and scars. however the woodwork was in good decorative condition and just required refreshing. The large anteroom was being made into two rooms with a dividing stud wall and new entrance door. These rooms would require additional work.

The holes and scars in the wall were filled and two coats of emulsion were applied. The woodwork was prepped and a fresh coat of satinwood was applied. The anterooms had a mist coat on the fresh plaster and two coats of emulsion on the walls. The new door and woodwork was prepped, undercoated and a top coat of satin wood was applied.

The project was completed to the client satisfaction and on time.

Main Room before