Colour advice for 2018 from your local Painter and Decorator

At last spring is here! As the light changes and the days get longer our moods change, and we start feeling happier and more positive.

This is reflected in the decorative industry during this time of year. sales of paints and wallpapers increase dramatically and the choices of colours and patterns change.

So, to give you a help in hand with your design ideas here’s the latest trends for colour schemes and papers when you decide it’s for a bit of painting and decorating to the interior or exterior of your home.

Country Colour Schemes.


Internal living spaces are seeing a resurgence for classic blues. Deep rich pigment shades contrast against light furnishings, golds and silvers, marine blues to give a nautical, seaside feel. Externally traditional Americana is in vogue. Mid strength grays, creams and blues.

Timeless white and antique creams are still a favourite for many. This is always a safe bet but requires regular maintenance to keep it looking fresh.

Sales of soft sheen and satin finishes have increased. They give a slight sheen to the surface and making the surface a little harder wearing as opposed to a matt finish.

Urban Decorative Trends.

A plethora of greys were the big thing last year and the trend is still steaming ahead. The grey scale just suits the contemporary style so well it may run for years.

Bright punchy colours are on the decline and are being replaced with a Gelato colour scheme. Pastel pinks, creams, mauve’s to give a sense of fun. Wall colours are being complemented by painted furniture in colours from the same scheme.

Black is back! White rooms with a black satin finished feature wall are in vogue within new trendy city apartments.

If any of this article has inspired you to think again about your design ideas and would like to any help or advise, give us a call and ask for a home visit. We can go through colour choices and provide a high quality painting and decorating service.

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